Friday, December 13, 2013

Petite Jacqueline - a bistro in Portland Maine

A new favorite place!! I love it when that happensPetite Jacquline is a new to me French restaurant in Portland, Maine. My parents took us there when we were visiting over Thanksgiving weekend.

Not only was the food delicious but we had great service too. The location is just off of Longfellow's Square.  That was all decorated for Christmas so the whole experience just seemed magical.

We started with the foie gras. This is always a special treat and this dish tasted amazing.

It was to hard to pass up a bowl of French Onion Soup on such a cold night so the whole table ordered a bowl.  The broth was a bit sweet and we couldn't decided why but the taste was very deep and rich.  I always find it hard to eat French Onion Soup properly as the cheese is just so melty and messy. I managed not to get it all over myself though.

Most the the table ended up with the steak frites.  You cannot go wrong with steak and fries and this dish didn't disappoint.  The steak was cut just right and came with a mountain of fries. These fries reminded me of the fries we used to get in Paris. Thin and crispy all around.

As I mentioned earlier this was a magical evening and I cannot wait to go back to sample some of the other options on the menu.

190 State Street
Portland, Maine


  1. OMG those steak frites look to diiiie for!

  2. I haven't been to Portland in so long that I'm not sure I'd even recognize it. I love that I hear such good things about the food scene there now though!

  3. Such fun to find such a marvelous restaurant. Hope you'll get to dine there again on your next visit :)


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