Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Eats Lately with WIAW

I was not paying attention this week with my eats and only managed to get dinner shots.  That is OK though since breakfast and lunches have been boring.

I snagged this filet from the Blue Heron in Clemson, South Carolina.  They always have wonderful food and it is a must stop whenever I am in town.

Steak frites were had at a cute little French restaurant, Petite Jacqueline
in Portland, Maine. I think this might be my new favorite restaurant. I definitely want to go back.

Back in Connecticut Mr. J and I had a little date night at an Italian restaurant. I had this massive pasta dish with clams and halibut.  Halibut is so good. This piece was extra tender and melted in your mouth with the butter and wine sauce.

Any good meals out lately?


  1. Surprisingly, I've never been to a restaurant in Charleston - I totally missed out the two times I was there!

  2. Emily, you are my kind of girl with that big piece of steak!!

  3. I'm totally craving red meat Emily!


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