Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!!

OK so this post is a tad bit late. My Dad's birthday was way back on December 4th. Things were a bit hectic then and although I had every intention of typing something on the 4th it just didn't happen.  Actual phones calls took precedent on the big day.

Besides it seems only fitting that I post something later in the month.  My dad is not big on birthdays. My mom and I are.  We started celebrating on November 11th and we joked with him that we were going to continue right through Christmas time. 

This year was a big year for my Dad. It was one of those round number years that means everyone is getting older. Since my Dad is not big on parties having a huge surprise celebration was out of the question. Instead I, with the help of my mom and brother, sneakily rounded up a bunch of friends and family to write letters and cards for my dad.  Even my 15 month old nephew got in on the fun.  Over Thanksgiving weekend we handed over a big old stack of letters from people old and new, far and close.  It was quite the party in a quiet, touching way.

If you are ever looking for a gift idea for someone special in your life I highly recommended putting something like this together.  It is so meaningful when tons of people write how special and wonderful someone in your life is to them.  Not that I ever had any doubt.

Here's to you Dad! Another Happy Birthday!!


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