Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's so hot!! Chocolate PB Banana Smoothie

This past weekend in NY and much of New England was unseasonably warm. It felt like August. I did not want to cook or really do anything to add heat into the apartment. And again with the banana, hot humid air only makes them ripen faster. One of the ways I try to use bananas when they are just past when I would like to eat them is put them in the blender. Once they are all mushed up it really doesn't matter to me how ripe they are. Thus, my next few post will be of some smoothies I make when it is just too hot to cook.
The first is a new one that I just started making. My no fun name for it is simply what it is...Chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas.

Chocolate PB Banana Smoothie

1 banana
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1/4 cottage cheese
1/2 chocolate soy milk
1 Tbsp peanut butter
2 ice cubes (if you are really hot)

Put all ingredients into blender at once and blend on high for about one minute. This might take longer if you have big ice cubes and do not want any remains of ice chunks.

Now I promise you that the cottage cheese taste is non-existent. I have a co-worker on a health kick recently who first told me about mixing cottage cheese into yogurt for added protein. Cottage cheese is a really good source of protein with very few calories. I would not call myself a huge fan of cottage cheese but I do tend to have it every once in a while to enjoy. You really will be satisfied with this drink for breakfast or dinner replacement due to that extra protein.

I apologize for the gross pictures. Chocolate, PB, and bananas are just not colorful. Fure smoothie recipes will be a bit more colorful.

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  1. That looks yummy! I would so do the cottage cheese too, I'm sure it's good. :) Besides, I go one step further on the crazy with my smoothies--spinach! I've literally been adding handfuls of baby spinach to smoothies for a while now--I swear you literally CANNOT taste it, especially with a banana and other fruit mixed in. I know it sounds weird, but the taste is so neutral that the other fruit and ingredients are what stands out. And then you can feel good that you're literally drinking a salad along with your yummy smoothie. :D


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