Sunday, May 23, 2010

Much needed ice cream break

Congratulations to us. We finally found an apartment and have an official move out date. (it's changed a few times so this is a big deal). It was a huge relief to have this finally settled. This weekend was the first weekend in a long time we were going to be home both days. It was suppose to be the big clean, get organized, and pack weekend. Now that the date has been pushed back about two weeks the chores above were not as pressing. However, with all of the hustle and bustle of the wedding planning, apartment hunting and life in general things have gotten a bit out of control around our current living quarters.

I should clarify my quarters never get too out of control. Jordan however, lives in a constant state of messiness or as he likes to call it organized chaos. I am not sure I agree with this statement as he seems to lose things often in the organized chaos but to each their own I guess. I just think he has too much stuff, way too much and he hates to clean.

This weekend though with list in hand we both went at it. Doing laundry, collecting trash, and organizing papers. I thought about taking before and after pictures of the closet and desk but that would have been a bit too much. I would have been embarrassed and Jordan would have disowned me as his bride-to-be. I am joking but he probably would not have been too thrilled. For those of you who don't know I was not allowed to go into Jordan's bedroom in his parent's house for a good 3 years because of the mess inside.
Now I am not sure what got into Jordan today. Normally when we have this all out cleaning days he is good for about 2 hours, maybe. However, he kept going and going today. At about 4pm I was ready for a break. I was so happy and proud of the closet. (I am kind of regretting the before and after pictures now). We both needed a break and a break we had.

I think I mentioned before we are both pretty big fans of ice cream. A few days ago to be the heat we stopped by Carvel. I had a coupon for buy one, get one free sundaes and it still costs $6. I was shocked. Now, I prefer soft serve so Carvel is normally right up my alley, but not for $6. Without my coupon our ice cream adventure would have been $12. I don't care how much I like ice cream at $12 I would pass.

This ice cream trip I decided as a nice treat for Jordan's hard work we would go to a local stand that feature's Jane's ice cream of Kingston. I have never had it till this trip but I have heard it featured as dessert in many yummy restaurants in the area. After checking out Jane's website and eyeing all of the flavors I knew it was a must try. Lucky for us, Beacon Creamery is about 5 minutes away. Thus, off we were on our ice cream adventure.

I went with Pistachio and Dulce-de-Leche. These are two of my favorite flavors. I missed Banana Nirvana till after I order so I guess we will be going back again before the big move.

Jordan went with a classic cookies and cream. He always splurges on the waffle cone, normally dipped in chocolate. Today it was chocolate and nuts plus as a bonus the bottom of the cone had more chocolate which not only delicious but provides protection against cone drippage.
Needless to say it was a very productive day. The ice cream was super good. And Jordan got some golf in as well. I cannot wait for Sunday.

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