Monday, May 17, 2010

Yankees' stadium food

Here are some of the crazy and varied food vendors at the new Yankee's stadium.

Yes, a very own Hard Rock in the stadium.

Not too long ago Manhattan passed a law that if a business, food vendor has more than so many locations in the city it must post a calorie count on the menu. I don't know exactly how this is figured in at the stadium but all of the food areas had calorie counts on the menu. This makes it extremely difficult to order let me tell you. I try to eat fairly healthy but I am not a zealot. However, when it is right in front of you say - a 1200 calorie burger, you order something else no matter how much you want that burger.

Note the bag of peanuts is 1,360 - more than the cheese fries later in the post.

Water is zero calories - something they use inside the stadium as a selling point walking around trying to sell the food. Even the walking selling people have the calorie count on the price buttons.

Talk about a melting pot - you have pizza and Italian options.

Cheesesteaks - and no they did not live up to the Philly standard.

A special Kosher stand for all of the NY Jewish people.

A southern BB&Q suprise complete with corn muffin fritters.

And what you may ask did we dine on? Well, enough to give us both belly aches.
Cheese fries only clocked in at 1,340 calories, surprisingly only 100 some calories more than the regular fries order. We saw at least 3 different types of fries - these are crinkle cut Nathan's fries.

Jordan's footlong hot dog that he was oh so excited for...with all of the toppings of course.

I had the cheesesteak. This was good but doomed from the beginning after living in Philly. Nothing can compare.
So all said and done with drinks we spent an incredible amount of money. We think enough to have a really good dining experience at a fancy restaurant. But what can I say, once in a lifetime visit to the Yankees' stadium. And it was FUN!

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