Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yankees stadium, part one

I feel a bit like a trader. Last weekend we were enjoying the games time in Boston and Fenway. This weekend we took a jaunt to the new Yankee's stadium. For those of you who don't yet know, Jordan and I will be moving back to the Madison, CT area at the end of June. When this was finalized we decided it might be a good time to go to a Yankee's game. Last year the Yankee's opened the brand new stadium. We talked about going then but never got around to actually getting tickets. I guess with the threat of never being this close to NYC again we should jump on the chance to experience the new stadium. We went only to see the stadium and not for the Yankees whatsoever. In fact we watched them play the Minnesota Twins as homage to my mid-western background.

Entrance to New Yankee's stadium

New Stadium in the background, rubble from old stadium

Inside the gigantic stadium. The whole thing was a bit ridiculous. Very theatrical, not like baseball at all.
Inside the first, shall we call it shell, of the stadium. This is the ground level where a Hard Rock Cafe exists as well as many of the other crazy eats inside the stadium.

Overall we had a really really good time. We saw a grand slam and the Yankees lost. Yankees' fans really do not like to loose. They were quite grumpy after that grand slam. Up next, food inside the stadium.

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