Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boston continues...Fenway

I spent last weekend in Boston. The main reason of the trip was Red Sox tickets. I adore going to Fenway and try to the best of my abilities to get tickets once a summer. They are nearly impossible to get a hold of it seems. This year I used my credit card points to score two tickets to a game, and not just any game up a Red Sox vs. Yankees game. Sadly, the weather would not cooperate and this is what happened at inning 5.

But this is a food blog, so the reason for this post is one of the best things about Fenway - the Fenway Frank! It's a hot dog. They taste so good at Fenway. The Fenway frank goes for about $5 in the park when you get it from the nice yellow shirt men that run around selling concession products.

I was always fascinated by the hot dogs here as a little girl because they come on a split bun. This is something simply impossible to find outside of New England. Every summer on my trip to Maine from Iowa I would see these special buns. It took only one hard search in the grocery stores in Iowa to realize they do no exist.

Happier times in Fenway when the game was actually taking place. Too bad the Red Sox were not at there top game. I am already counting down till next year.

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