Monday, October 11, 2010

Food and Wine, part I

This weekend was full of extravagance. We ate and walked and ate some more. It was a beautiful weekend in the city. I always love being in the city. It almost makes me want to move there. Then I think of all of the temptations around every corner, then I look at the price of those temptations, then I think how every second I would have to be fighting those temptations. We saw beautiful clothes, gorgeous flowers, and yummy food. I started to wonder if I would get fat from all of the delicious food options. I also thought that if I wanted to wear the cool fashionable clothes there would be no way to be fat and still fit into them. Finally I thought I would never be able to afford all of the clothes or the food. So much for dreaming.

The main reason Jordan and I were in the city was for the annual Food and Wine festival. Last year was the first time we partook in the events. It took a bit of convincing on Jordan's part but he ended up loving it. This year he was the one pushing me to buy tickets yet again. We were experienced after all and new the ins and outs of how to handle the Grand Tasting event.

See those tents. They are packed with restaurants, food vendors, wine houses, and lots and lots of liqueur. Last year we just ate and drank and ate and drank in the first hour of the event. With two hours left we could barely move. The train ride home that night was not too comfortable. This year we decided to get a hotel room. We also learned to start at the back of the tents and work our way forward. We grabbed only the food which looked the most appetizing in the beginning and then made another trip around to see if anything else should be tried.

A sampling of the food - Here is a rib from Barbados, serviced with a polenta like cornmeal and a sweet glaze.

Jordan's favorite was the raw oysters. He had 4.

I liked just looking at all of the hustle and bustle. See all of the pretty kitchen aids, so colorful. The bottom shelf which did not make it into the photo was all of the pink accessories. I wanted to take them all home.
We had a great time. I will be posting more of the other activities as the week goes on.

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