Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A mini birthday celebration

Where do I live again? I am off this morning to go back into NYC for the rest of the week. Was it really yesterday when I was posting how much I love this city? I think by tonight I will be wishing I was back in my own bed. The city seems to be very different during the week compared to the weekend. There are pros and cons to both but regardless I wish I was in for personal reasons and not for work.

For Jordan's birthday in the city we celebrated the first night at an Italian restaurant in the theater district. We ended up staying at the Hampton Inn near Madison Square Gardens. It was not the best Hampton Inn experience. We made the reservations almost a full month in advance and this was the only hotel in all of the Hilton family which had availability. Apparently there was a lot going on in the city this weekend. There was some big comic festival going on which brought lots of interesting folks out. I find this funny because one of our recent adventures in Boston occurred during a similar convention. I find it hard to imagine going out in public dressed like some of these people but I guess it is almost Halloween.

Anyway, I digress. We had a lovely low key meal and then enjoyed a tiramisu. Did I mention we ate a lot this weekend? I wish I could say I would be really watching what I eat this week but being back in the city I think it will be quite a hard task. Maybe the detox will start next week?

We ended the night with a little coffee and expresso. See Jordan's gigantic fingers next to the itty bitty spoon. I love it!

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