Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sweet Indulgence


YUM-O! So many sweets are available to me right now I just don't know what to do.
But that is not the most exciting thing going on in my life right now. I found myself in a little trouble on the way home from the gym I stopped by this natural food store that is on the way home. When we lived here before it was at a different location. It was dark and dingy, not at all the atmosphere I like to buy my food in. I never ended up shopping there. Fast forward two years later and its up in a new building on a hill. I still had the old memories dancing in my head so 4 months latter I have yet to stop by. Yesterday though I found an ad in the local paper with a 15% off coupon. Oh my, with that in hand I couldn't help but take a gander. The seemingly small stop from the outside was actually quite large. They had a fair amount of groceries, veggies, frozen foods as well as a small deli in the back for coffee and sandwiches. Not only was there a fairy large bulk section with good prices, they also had some of my old to find favorites. This is where the trouble came in...within 5 minutes I had snagged $20 worth of goods. This can not be a regular occurrence. I am excited about the bulk section though. I love to buy grains in bulk. Not only is it cheaper but Jordan is not a huge fan of some of my fancy grain side dishes. Thus, I can sample new recipes with just the exact amount and not worry about having tons of extra if Jordan hates it.
Today is also the day the new mattress comes. Jordan and I got a new mattress last weekend and had to wait all week for the delivery. I cannot wait for it to come. Until then ( I have about 2 more hours to go before the scheduled time frame) I am cleaning, organizing, and preparing for the holidays. Yep, I am ready. It is cold outside and that means Thanksgiving is just around the corner. That means dinner menus need to be made and grocery lists need to me wrote out. I can't be short an ingredient come Thanksgiving morning. And yes this has happened before. It is quite the drive out of Turner, Maine to find a store opened on Thanksgiving. Anyway, I get pure pleasure out of this practice and thus I am thoroughly enjoying my Saturday.

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