Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween tonight and I am just not excited. I was never a big fan of Halloween. I remember some of my costumes. I remember it being cold most of the years. I remember the candy but I was never a big fan of candy. I like chocolate. I think even as a young child I was particular about my dessert preferences. If you asked my parents I am sure they would tell you I was particular about many things growing up but that is another story.

Here are my Halloween decorations, even though I think of them more as fall decorations. For Halloween they are somewhat lame - Jordan is still trying to convince me to cut them up and put a candle in them tonight. As fall decorations though I can keep them through November and eventually chop them up to eat the pumpkin and roast the seeds.

I did buy some candy although the only child indulging will be Jordan. I hope it last at least through he week. I definitely see some late night stomachaches in our future.

Now I meant today's post to be full of the fun things we did yesterday to celebrate our two month anniversary. We went to Aspen. No, not the city but the restaurant in Old Saybrook, CT. It was so good yet I forgot to take any pictures. I was so happy to remember the camera. But as the appetizer came out of calamari I completely forgot to take any pictures until we had finished it all off. An empty plate is never a fun picture. I can explain our forgetfulness because of our hunger. It was about 12:15pm at this point. I had an awful night on sleep Friday. I had to wake up early to go to the DMV once again this year. I am officially documented now as Mrs. Morris :) on my driver's license. But my breakfast was just a wimpy Peanut butter on wheat bread on the run. Nothing compared to my yummy bowls of oatmeal I have gotten used to. So basically starving for food I was fully focused on eating and not picture taking.

Immediately after we had finished I remember my whole blog about this meal idea. I told Jordan to help me remember about the rest of the meal but then we were again eating away till there was no more food. I actually only ate 1/2 of my sandwich but at that point the presentation just was not there. I had a pork loin sandwich with fries and Jordan had the burger of the day with avocados, roasted tomatoes and homemade pickles. The idea was to each eat 1/2 and then switch. I had a few bites of Jordan's but then he finished it. I still have mostly my half of the pork sandwich left after Jordan sampled a few bites. It was good and we might go back. It was fun to try a new restaurant and I am very disappointed I didn't get any pictures. Their presentation was quite attractive. I love it when my food looks good.

After lunch we were going to go for a walk down main street. Too bad I was super tired and it was super windy outside. We made it about 1/2 way down before turning around and deciding just to come back. And that was it for my day. The only thing I could see was a nap. Thus, today, the day of rest meant this...

And that was only part of it. I think this is an abnormal amount of laundry for two people. The whole day probably amounted to about 6 loads of laundry. Is that possible?

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