Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something New in NEW YORK

Jordan has this thing against public transportation. He hates it. He says it is dirty and gross and even scary at times. By far he thinks NYC has the worst public transportation. I find his objections hard to imagine coming from someone of, at times, questionable cleanliness habits. Of course this is coming from someone who has some type A cleanliness habits. I however, have no problem with public transportation. I hate driving and living in a place where I have immediate access to transportation is marvelous to me.

It was Jordan's birthday though so I tried to be very accommodating to his preferences this weekend. Thus we walked, and walked, and walked. EVERYWHERE! Not once did we get on the subway. And because of all of this walking we got to see some pretty amazing things. This clock is not quite right but it was around 9am Sunday morning. The city is pretty much dead till noon on Sunday. We enjoyed the peacefulness of the streets however everything was still closed.

Our destinations was here. Eataly, Mario Batali's new Italian market and eatery. We stopped by on Saturday afternoon only to find about 50 people waiting outside the door to get in. We didn't wait.
The next morning however it was very quite but only 1/2 of the place was open. You could get coffee and some breakfast pastries. No gelato :( No paninis

There was quite a few neat Italian jams, spreads, teas, and chocolates. It would be a great place to get Christmas gifts for people. It was pretty hyped up though. I wonder if was so busy due to the weekend or just because it is still fairly new. I would never bank on grabbing a quite lunch there based on what I saw. It was nuts.


  1. I am not surprised it is, as it looks fabulous inside, and those croissants looks yummy!

  2. I was hopping around you site and came across this post. Eataly is so on my to do list and this has just pushed it up..
    I love the Subway just have your mini hand sanitizer at the ready.
    I travel the 6 train every day I see it as the great equalizer with my pot washer friends on the same train as the Wall Streeters


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