Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why is the weekend over already?

Weekends come and go so fast. It seems like we just arrived to Maine when it was time to load up the car and come back to Connecticut. It was the perfect fall days in Maine. Cool weather and the leaves were just starting to change. The drive was beautiful. I wish I could tell you that I came home and whipped up a marvelous Sunday night dinner. I wish I could share a recipe with you tonight. I will wish but sadly reality is dinner was just a hodge podge of food. It was fine for Jordan and I since we had a big breakfast and lunch but I am truly ready to start cooking again.

Dinner ended up being a sliced tomato with salt, pepper, and olive oil, a store bought roasted chicken and some leftover Bianca cheese pizza. It was pretty good combination I thought. I have a list of recipes though for the rest of the week. I cannot wait to try them and share. The crock pot will even be making an appearance this week!

In the mean time look at this for your cooking pleasure. This is probably the last of the wedding gifts but what a way to end. It's our new pot set. I am so excited to break them in and get cooking.

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