Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mellow Mushroom

This is the last post of our Charlotte visit.  We had a great time in the South and it was good see a new city.  I was a bit disappointed in the southern accents though.  I know a couple of hours further South everyone is speaking with a twang.  I guess Charlotte is a bit more refined.  I was hoping for more accents. 

After eating so well during our other meals, we decided that we wanted a somewhat lighter fare and decided pizza was the way to go.  Plus the place was called Mellow Mushroom.  How could we not go?  Apparently many others had the same idea and we ended up waiting for a table and the food for a while.  The atmosphere was quite lively and there was a half a bus painted hippie style inside. 

Coming from New York and Connecticut we had some pretty opinionated pizza eaters.  It was good pizza but not New Haven style or New York style.  I think I am going to have problems for the rest of my life if I ever move somewhere away from the area I live now.  We have a family owned Italian restaurant every other building.  Pizza is a big thing here and super good. 

The crust here was a bit sweet and coated in Parmesan cheese.  It was almost like bread sticks wrapped around the pizza.  I got mine loaded with veggies.  With a pretzel appetizer, just cause we wanted to see what they were, and three slices of an individual pizza and I was beyond stuffed. 

Good news is these pizza joints are located across the south and into the west.  Check out if a location is near year.

Have you ever had pizza in different locations across the USA?

What was your favorite?


  1. I have eaten at John's Pizza in NYC, and Chicago style at a place on the Magnificent mile. All good pies.

    Mellow Mushroom pizza is not my favorite of chains. We do have good pizza in the south, but you won't find it in a chain establishment.

    Mellow Mushroom has a GREAT Greek salad.

    The accents are not as prevalent in Charlotte. Ten minutes south to Rock Hill, SC and you would have had your twang. Or even to the east in N.C. would get you yet another southern dialect.

    Y'all Come Back now, y' hear?

  2. I grew up in Upstate NY so I've always been a bit opinionated with pizza as well. But I have a Mellow Mushroom here in Memphis, TN and I love it! All the varieties are so fun, it's great to have options outside the norm.

  3. Haha, this sounds like an awesome place. :)
    Truth be told, I have had pizza in several places in the U.S., but have never quite gotten over my European core, craving nothing more than Italian-style thin crust.

  4. nice place


  5. I love Mellow Mushroom! I live in Georgia and have one within 10 minutes of my house and office - their honey cinnamon pretzels are my favorite. :)

  6. I have never had pizza in NY or the East at all, someday..... Until then I am remaining on the hunt for good pizza in our new city - so far, nothing special.

  7. It's funny....when I travel with my sisters, we always go to the local mellow mushroom if they have one! It's a goal of my sister to go to each one. We met for lunch about 10 days ago...AT our local Mellow Mushroom! So far, THE best one is in Savannah, GA! Honestly amazing pizza at that one!

  8. We just got one of these in DC, but I have yet to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I actually really like the pizza at Mellow Mushroom! I like that they have lots of choices!


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