Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book Review: A Picture of You

Vacation time has come and gone. Man this was a long time coming; I cannot believe it is already over.
We had such a good time.

For the next few days will be putting together our pictures and adventures.  This was my first trip to California. I went to San Francisco sampling the food and enjoying the sights. I also went to Napa valley! This trip was big time. I was really, really excited to go and now I am really, really excited to show you all of the fun we had!

Until then, I have another book review for you...

Pictures of You is a book about two women whose lives getting forever intertwined when both are involved in a fatal car accident.  It is a story about survival, love, and finding one's self.  Life can take many different pathways to end up in the right spot. 

On a complete superficial level, one of the woman was a photographer that uses a Canon.  I really want a Canon Rebel.  This book made me want one even more.  Hoping one finds it's way into my birthday presents this year.

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  1. I LOVE my Canon Rebel!! Mine is a few years old and I know the newer ones are even more fun, but I take my current one everywhere. On another note, I'm from the SF area, and you made me just a little homesick with your trip teaser! I'm looking forward to the post.


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