Thursday, May 5, 2011

The sunshine state

Is that California or Florida?  I am not really sure but I will say that the 7 days we spent in California last week were nothing but sunshine.  We had such glorious weather and everything was so green.  I told Mr. J he was going to have to force me back on the plane when the trip finally ran its full course. 

Our first stop after landing was to get some food.  It was after all 8:30pm East coast time.  We headed across the Golden Gate Bridge. (So COOL!)

To was gorgeous!  This was our view!  We drove but you can take the ferry as well.  The drop off point is right on the end of the dock.

To Guaymas, a highly recommended Mexican restaurant right not the water. 

We started out with a huge basket of the most delicious tortilla chips I have ever had.  Needless to say the basket didn't last long enough for a photo. Our waitress gracious refilled the basket even though I warned Mr. J that it was a bad idea.  The chips came with three different salsas.  The green cilantro one was so light and refreshing.  I can't think of a better way to describe it than eating summer.  

Ordering was difficult.  I could have tried one of EVERYTHING.  The options were endless but we decided that sharing an appetizer and getting two entrees was the best way to go.  After all it was was only our first night.

Sharing didn't work out too well for the appetizer though.  We each had one and then split the third.  It was only after the splitting of the third that we realized each one was a different variety.  Mr. J had the potato, I had the cheese and we split the mushroom and zucchini.  All were super delicious!  The fried dough was very light too so it was not sitting heavy in our stomachs before our entrees came.

Empanadas --- 3 corn tortilla turnovers, cheese, potato, mushrooms & zucchini 9.95

I got pork tamales, one of my favorite Mexican dishes.  These were uniquely steamed in banana leave.  The portion was huge.  Or maybe it was just all of the chips I ate beforehand, but I was only able to eat 3/4 of one.  It was a great balance of corn and pork filling. I was so happy with my order.

Tamales de puerco --- two tamales of pork with guajillo chile sauce, steamed in banana leaves 14.95

Mr. J had a really hard time narrowing down his dinner option.  He finally went with the seafood enchiladas mainly because we were right on the water and seafood seemed like a good bet.  Again, the portion was huge.  I tasted all three: beans, rice, and enchiladas.  They were really flavorful, especially the seafood.

Enchiladas de mariscos --- three seafood enchiladas, salsa ranchera and mix cheese with rice and beans 16.95

I cannot believe this great restaurant is so far away from us.  It was so great and reasonably priced.  If I ever make it back this will definitely be on the itinerary.  

Guaymas Restaurant

5 Main Street
Tiburon, CA 94920

Phone: (415) 435-6300
Fax: (415) 435-6802



  1. My husband and I LOVE Tiburon!!! Haven't been there in a few years though. We do frequent Napa Valley though!!!

  2. I've never been to Cali! Your post and photos are telling me that I need to go there soon.


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