Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fort Kent, Maine

I am going to Fort Kent, Maine today.  It was a long 10 hour drive yesterday.  We have about an hour left.  There is snow. Who ever said travel was glamorous did not travel to Fort Kent. Parts of the drive were beautiful but there is snow and I would rather be in my own bed.

The big meal of the week was Sunday's lunch of salmon. It was the most wonderful cut from Whole Foods.  I tend to do very little to salmon when I make it. Just a bit of salt and pepper.  I guess you could say this was a step up because I added some garlic gold too. 

Clearly we have not gotten away from the classic meat, starch and veggie plate set-up. I feel like we haven't gotten into a dinner rut again.  Not that I am home all that much for a meal but we are literally repeating the same three meals each week.  It's getting old and not very nutritious.  I think the most variety we are eating has been from cookies.  Ops!

What is your favorite go to, quick meal?


  1. That salmon looks delicious! I agree, salmon requires very little done to it :)
    Hmm, stand-by meals are chicken quesadillas, sichuan style stir-fried string beans and crepes.

  2. I love salmon and this salmon looks so good. Perfect meal.

  3. The salmon looks delicious! My go-to meal is pasta. I make large quantities of sauce and freeze it, so al I have to do is nuke to thaw the sauce and it's ready as fast as it takes to boil water!

    Be safe and I hope you have a great trip!

  4. the salmon looks good and fresh.. i like that.

  5. I love salmon. It's quick, easy and tastes a lot heartier than it looks. First visit here . . . nice place! New follower I am!


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