Friday, September 17, 2010


One night we had a delicious dinner of fish. It was so so so good.

Want to know how we came to eat it?
I knew I married him for good reason....he can catch us some dinner. Unfortunately it was red tide so the bigger fish were no where to be found. We did a lot of bottom fishing which were smaller fish. We caught a whole bucket full of snapper and grouper.

Work those muscles.

A bit of beer to relax with. This though occurred before much of the hard work took place.

Our boat is out there somewhere.

I had a good time too. I even reeled in a pole twice. Those suckers are really heavy. I used the chair to help. Jordan used the trustee belt. I think next time I might sit out. The trip was fun but the waves were super big. Basically I had a nice boat ride under the canopy. Every time I tried to get up and move around the waves really got to me.

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