Sunday, September 19, 2010

MOOOOOO! Guilford Fair

Excuse me....what day is it? I cannot believe it is Sunday evening already. This weekend flew by. Saturday we did errand after errand. I find it funny how I cleaned in the morning and then we went out and got a whole bunch of stuff only to make new piles in the apartment which need to be cleaned and organized. It seems like a never ending story these days.

We took a big step in married life and got a joint bank account. Yikes is all I have to say.

Then we went to the Guilford Fair. Since we live here now we want to experience everything Guilford has to offer. Well here you go...
I thought the tail was absolutely adorable.

It belonged to one of these little fellows.

The sheep were quietly content in there little wraps.

The cows went moo and Jordan was upset this was as close as we could get to them. Cows are his favorites.

We saw some mighty big pumpkins. And a lot of other produce with ribbons. It kind of ruin the mystique of the winning though when Bishop's Orchard won most of the blue ribbons. I like to think things like this come from someone's backyard.

My favorite was the poultry. They were all locked up in cages just like they should be when I am around. This guy was super tired I guess from all of the competitions.
There was 3 animal tents, 2 craft and produce tents, and a little area for tracker competitions. The rest was the carnival and food area. It was a cute town fair. And I am glad we went. It was no comparison though to the Iowa State fair.

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