Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What do you do in Syracuse, NY?

What do you do in Syracuse, NY? Not much to be honest with you. I arrived, went for a walk, had dinner, and then it was bedtime for this chica. I was tired from all of the driving. I drank lots of OJ trying to fend off this cold. I woke up this morning feeling much better than yesterday but my nose is still very runny and drippy. Gross I know! I have tons of kleenex in my purse.

We went to a yummy Italian restaurant right next door to the hotel called Grimaldi's. It is an instution in the area. We a few in Syracuse and one in Utica. I am not sure where the orginal started. I brought the camera for pictures and even warned my co-worker that I would be snapping photos but low and behold I completely forgot about it till the bill came. At the point there was not much left to photograph. I think it was probably for the best though since our waiter was one strange man. I am sure if he saw me taking pictures he would have made quite the deal about it.

Tonight I am in Rutland, VT on the way to Middlebury College. There is the cutest restaurant here that I always try to go to when I am in the area. Its called Table 24. I had the tomato fennel soup and the classic Table 24 chicken. I was running a bit behind and couldn't decide how I wanted to handle dinnner. Normally when I am by myself I pick a restaurant and get take out. I much prefer eating at the hotel then by myself. Because I arrived much later than I had hoped I went straight to the restaurant. I had the soup there while I waited for the mealthus no pictures. I ordered the chicken to go and the timing was perfect. It was ready when I finished the soup. This was the cutest litte to-go container I have ever had.

The soup was thick and creamy. Perfect for my runny nose. The chicken was good but had a bit too much sauce. Sadly it was packaged with my sweet potato fries at the bottom. They got all soggy! I cannot wait to be home again tomorrow night. Hopefully I make it through this wicked tropical storm they claim will be taking over the east coast.

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