Saturday, September 25, 2010

P to the OTATO

Its Saturday and I have been busy trying to organize the apartment a bit. After 30 minutes of redoing the kitchen I had to call it quits. I went to a few tag sales and then an estate sale with a friend from work. I was a bit uncomfortable with the estate sale. I mean you are walking through some one's house who is no longer there. I scored some super fun mugs from one of the tag sales though.
Then it was time for dinner. Jordan and I have not had dinner together, a home cooked meal since last Sunday. That was 6 days ago and way too long. So tonight we had a fine meal Jordan whipped up.

Since he made it I don't have a recipe. He wanted buffalo chicken. When he started to describe the ingredients we needed - lots of butter, and how he was planning on cooking it - fried, I raised my eyebrows. For me dinner at home is a control arena where I can limit the nastiness of unhealthy ingredients and cooking methods. This meal was not one of those meals. As a compromise we came up with this....

It was super good. Jordan liked it and a new recipe can be added to the "good" list. I love oven baked potatoes as the starch. I have learned to enjoy potatoes after living with Jordan. They have lots of good nutrients but the French fry version is just not worth it for the most part. I am exhausted and feel like I could fall asleep any minute. Adieu!

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