Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tabacon Resort and Hot Springs

It's cold and rainy outside. I got back from Michigan last night and Jordan is arriving from Minnesota tonight. The last 3 days have gone by very fast but very slow as well. I cannot wait to see Jordan again. However, work seems to be steadily flowing out of my ears. I think I could work straight through this weekend and still not get it all done. And I am not talking about things that would be nice to get done but rather very pressing deadline type matters that need to be done before next weeks. Yikes! I just don't want to think about it.

Again I will go back to happier times. This is Jordan and I in the hot springs. We are in the steam somewhere. It was so hot in that water. I felt like I was one of the lobsters we ate at the wedding. I might have to rethink eating lobster again...probably not but it was at times uncomfortable.
All over the hot springs side of the resort were these little pools you could go in and out of. They were so pretty. I think I enjoyed looking at them a bit more than actually being in the hot water. We sought out the pools in the shade which were much cooler than the ones in the sun.

Again we ate very well.... Sea bass ceviche. Surf and Turf skewers...

And there is the pretty volcano. This was clear shot. A lot of the time it was covered in clouds. And occasionally there was be smoke. I kind of thought it would be cool to see a small explosion but the signs throughout warning of high risk of volcanic activity were a bit scary.

So tomorrow is Friday. I have a ton to get done. Hopefully I will find it in me to get it all done. It looks like an early morning.

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