Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friends arrive, DuckFat

Wednesday marked the day of the first arrivals of wedding guests and official readiness for final preparations. We the first guest in town and lots and lots of rain and wind in Portland we headed to Duck Fat. A lovely little restaurant in Portland, Maine. Ever since the first taste of duck fat french fries there is no denying that they are simply the best. When I heard of this little cafe in Portland I knew I wanted try it out. It has been over a year and now I have finally been able to taste it. Duck Fat serves a handful of paninis, some salads, soup, and desserts.
We lacked a camera cause the down pouring of rain was a bit of distraction. This was Jordan's meal of Poutine. A Canadian French dish of French fries, gravy and cheese. Basically its a heart attack in a bowl. The place is tiny though and the wait staff don't have a clear organization of who gets what. The food is great though so its definitely worth a visit. Just don't be in a rush.
As the week wore on more people came and joined the fun. Here are us the night before with our cute LL Bean lobster shorts. What fun!

We were never without food. Here Laura is preparing the fruit tart for our beauty salon festivities. It was delicious as it was pretty.

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