Monday, November 22, 2010

A little of me...

Kari at Jogging with Fiction thought it would be a good idea to share with you 7 things about myself via my favorite movies.


I like farm animals... as long as they keep their distance from me. I think they are smart creatures plotting against us: i am hundred percent convinced of this fact. From a distance though they are pretty. I also use to work on a farm. Nothing like the farm in Babe but a farm all of the same.

Father of the Bride

I am a Daddy's girl at heart. Always was and always will be. One day I even said I was going to marry him. That didn't happen, in fact, he recently said he was done active parenting. I think it is a hoax though.

Mona Lisa Smiles
Yes, I went to an all-girls college. I guess I should probably say all-women College but I never was the big feminist on campus. I had my ups and downs at Bryn Mawr. This movie actually came out while I was at Bryn Mawr. I know the moment I heard about the film I wanted to go see it immediately. I think if my time was more like the movie I would have enjoyed it much, much more. There were many traditions though and I think fairly fondly of the May Day celebrations which are pretty accurately filmed in the movie.
When I think of this movie I think family time and I definitely like family time. Is this weird? Clue is not really about family. It is quite the cheesy movie. You see my family played the Clue board game a lot when I was growing up. When we first watched the movie, my brother and I were so excited. The game came to life! My brother also has a sense of humor that matches the movie to a T.

Again with the French themes, what can I say? Who wouldn’t want to go away to France, learn to cook, come back to fall in love with the dreamy, rich son your father works for? I really just want to be Audrey Hepburn. She is truly a classic.

Field of Dreams
Oh the corn fields of Iowa! I grew up in Iowa. I was actually born there, took a brief vacation away when I was still tiny and then moved back. I say this as if I was had any kind of control or power at the age of 3. Regardless, I would say I grew up in Iowa. I attended elementary school, middle school and Freshman year of high school. It was a good long time to be in one place. Most of this period I did not care for Iowa, I wanted big cities. Instead I got corn fields. For a time I actually had corn growing across the street from my house. Yikes! Anyway, I think back with a bit kinder thoughts. There is definitely something about looking out across the flat land and seeing for as far as you can see.

Julie and Julia
Although I didn’t care too much for the movie, I am absolutely in love with the novel. Who could not adore Julia Child? I can relate to all of the crazy French scenes and the love/hate relationship with the French people. But, more than anything though this movie illustrates the love of French food. Yummy, yummy food those Frenchies whip up. Plus she went to Le Cordon Bleu – I did too. And yes I count it even if it was for only an afternoon.

I stuck with the 7 movies but I think it was more than 7 factoids. Hopefully you know me a bit better now.

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  1. maybe instead of Babe, you should have chosen Animal Farm, lol. Love the post!


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