Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend update

I know every weekend I say I was busy but this weekend was particularly busy. We had lots and lots of fun!

1. Harry Potter movie was amazing. It was 2 plus hours of pure enjoyment. I cannot believe I have to way 6 plus months to see the final ending. I definitely want to re-read all of the books.

2. Pilates is so expensive. I had a private reformer training session on Sunday morning. It was also amazing. The place I am looking at has a month long pass for $179, and that is only for the first month and then shoots up to $249. How much would that be a year? Way too much. It's crazy but I absolutely loved it. I want so many things right now, I feel guilty saying now to this since it would definitely improve my health. All I can think of though is how EXPENSIVE!

3. Went Christmas shopping on Saturday. Didn't end up buying anything but got tons and tons of ideas for me and all of the wonderful people that find themselves on my Christmas list. And based on the lines and full parking lots it is hard for me to imagine that the recession is still going on. Before Thanksgiving and everything was packed full!

3a. Need to watch out for how I shop for the holidays. I always get too excited and go a bit overboard. Ops!

4. Lesson learned: Starbucks flavored Holiday Lattes are super delicious. They also do a number on my stomach. I need to learn to say "no".

5. Updated blog look. Check out the new pages on the top of the screen. I am still adding and hopefully after Thanksgiving all will be up and running. I hope you enjoy!

6. Writing lots of emails and letters. Need to stay better in touch with friends. This takes so much effort though. I am going to stick with it though. New goal is once a month - still feels like it is way too little!

7. Lots of cooking and baking took place. Be on the lookout for all of the recipes.

8. So thankful for so much!

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