Monday, November 8, 2010

New Haven Restaurant week begins!

I don't know where the weekends go these days. It was here and then it was gone. For one last hurrah we decided to go out to lunch. Sunday marked the first day in this year's New Haven Restaurant week. Restaurants participating have a three course meal menu where lunch is $16.38 (for New Haven's founding year) and $29 for dinner. The initial plan was to go for dinner at a new restaurant on Tuesday. The more I thought about it though the more I didn't think I would be in the mood to have fun on Tuesday night.

Thus at 10am on Sunday morning we decided to switch it to lunch. We also switched the restaurant because of the menu options as well. We ended up at Carmen Anthony's Steakhouse of New Haven.

We started off sharing a French martini. I am not a huge hard alcohol fan but this was pretty good. I laughed at how girly the drink looked when it came out to Jordan. It was mixed with cranberry juice, pineapple juice, grand marinier, and citrus vodka.

Because it was the lunch offering there was only one choice of appetizer so really it wasn't a choice. Now I forgot to take the picture till after I ate half of the dish. It was a simple mixed green salad with Gorgonzola.

Jordan and I both ended up getting the same Fillet Mignon meal. Again I forgot to take the picture till I had already ruined the design. It was really good although I could have lived without the mash potatoes. The other options were salmon or chicken. I debated about the salmon but it was served with crab meat. Not a big fan of crab meat.

Dessert was white chocolate cheesecake. Again because it was lunch there wasn't an option here but Jordan really likes cheesecake. It wasn't bad; my favorite part was the cookie crust.

It was nice to get out a bit and of course it was very unexpected. We are going to try out one more next weekend.

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