Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The whole purpose of this trip was to celebrate my dad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!

My mom and I decided it would be a great way to celebrate by going to a tried and true NYC steakhouse. With a little research Delmonico's came to mind, after all a steak was named after the place.
I will warn you in advance that the pictures stink. The lighting was super bad and well this was not the kind of place you use a flash. They put us right in the middle of the whole place so there was no hiding it.

We started the night with the most delicious bottle of wine called Decoy by Duckhorn vineyards in Napa Valley. It was so good and the smell just took over the whole table.

I started with a Caesar salad split with my mom. They graciously gave us our own plates with a mini salad portion topped with an egg.

My mom and I also decided to spilt our entrees. There was two really good looking options on the menu. I don't think you can go to a NYC steakhouse without getting steak however, there was a halibut option on the menu that sounded so good. The solution was that my mom get the steak and I get the fish and we switch 1/2 way through. It was perfect.

The Delmonico steak was so good and tender. The portion was huge served with little crispy onion straws.
The halibut was served with Applewood bacon and topped with a rich cream sauce. It was plated on a pile of squash risotto with chucks of lobster in it. It was SOOOOO GOOD! I literally could only have 1/4 of it. Then I ate a bit more just to be sure.

The boys ordered a blue cheese wedge salad and sides of hash browns and twice fried French fries with their steaks. It was such a good evening. We left with hopes of Juniors cheesecake for dessert but got distracted by the Macy's window scenes. We also had hopes of Crumbs cupcakes. I don't know what happened to all of the desserts. Do you see the pattern of eating too much and not saving room for dessert?

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