Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday night supper

I am going to tell you about Sunday night and the weekend in general on Tuesday because well I was too busy all weekend to post and Jordan is gone and my life goes as follows:

6am wake up
7am get ready for work
8am work
12pm lunch
1pm work
5pm gym
7pm dinner
8pm TV

really exciting huh?
Sunday night was blah. I told you are weekend was busy. After running errands all day on Saturday and cleaning and packing Sunday, Jordan and I were beat. I still wanted a somewhat special dinner though. Jordan is gone ALL week long and I wanted to send him off with some good home cooked food in his stomach. The results were a Hodge-podge of random food and ethnic flavors; all in all though it was a pretty good supper.

The new feature here was acorn squash. I am a big fan of butternut squash. I don't care too much for spaghetti squash. Delicata squash is a special treat. I have read a lot lately about acorn squash and thought I would get it a try.

After forgetting to start dinner in a timely fashion Jordan and I gave up on anything fancy. We roasted the squash with some water in the bottom of the pan. I topped my with coconut butter and Jordan covered his with butter. The end result was it was really really good. The coconut butter kind of ruined it because the flavor of that overwhelmed the squash. I had a few bites with no topping though and it was a great taste. The coconut butter was good too but all it tasted like was coconut butter.

The rest of the week will be no sweets and lots of veggies in preparation for the holidays. That is unless I try to make some cookies.

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