Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Le Pain Quotidien

Can I tell you about a very good thing. While I was in France, a friend and I took a weekend trip to Grenoble to see the mountains. Little did we know that the mountains can get foggy at times. Pretty much the whole time we were visiting the mountains were hidden but dense fog. Fortunately we had a few brief moments of clarity for some pretty views. Despite the fog though the trip was a success due to a terrific find. While wandering around the town we stubbled upon this cute cafe/coffee shop called Le Pain Quotidien. During our stayed we went many times to have lattes, hot chocolate and the baskets of bread with lots of spreads and jam. We fell in love and were so sad to leave the spot to go back to Paris.

Fast forward a few months and we found the same place in Paris and then another. Turns out our cute special place is a Belgium franchise. I was a bit disappointed but happy to be able to have the yumminess again while I was in France.

Its been way too long since I have been in France but the popularity of Le Pain Quotidien has grown. In October when I was visiting NYC for the Food and Wine Festival we walked a lot because Jordan hates the subway system. Walking takes longer but you sure see a lot on the street. During our walks I notice not one but several Le Pain Quotidien's. They have hit NYC and are all over the place.

This weekend I was able to go for lunch and boy was it as good as ever. My favorite is there yummy spreads. You get a trio of jams - the 4 berry one is out of this world - and sweet spreads. We got to have a Praline one called Brunette. There is also a white chocolate, hazelnut, and dark chocolate. I am telling you it is out of this world.

And the bread, if everyone could try this bread there is no way in the world the Atkins diet would ever be tried again. Bring on the carbs!

As it was quite blustery all weekend I had a big bowl of spinach soup with more bread.

They specialize in the the open faced sandwich. Jordan had an egg salad sandwich. In case your wondering I did give it to him a bit for his choice. I mean who orders egg salad out but to give him a break it did have anchovies and capers.

A popular choice is the Paris ham and gruyere sandwich served with spicy mustard.

We obviously had lunch but the breakfast selection is out of this world. Soft boiled eggs, yogurt, granola, fruit, and oatmeal to name a few.

I got one of my French favorites - lait chaude, which is steamed milk. Its so good. They also have delicious rich coffee or wine and beer if you prefer.

Did I mention the pastries yet? They looked so good but I was full. All I keep thinking is when can I go back?


  1. So glad you are joining in on the exchange!! mmmm that plate of bread is making me super hungry right now!

  2. I LOVE Le Pain Quotidien!! Luckily there's one right near me in Bethesda...I've resisted getting the bread basket the last few times I've been...I might have to relent next time I go. ;)


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