Thursday, December 9, 2010

Celebrity struck!

I would like to say I am above celebrity. I don't really follow the gossip shows and magazines. Not that I am above flipping through them at the gym or doctors office. I just would never pay for it, nor would I go out and buy something just because so and so had it on the red carpet. I do however get a great kick out of seeing them. I don't get this opportunity often but I am always on the look out.

This is what was randomly on the street corner last weekend in New York. We were walking around Columbus Circle and we saw the Macy's Thanksgiving day big gigantic balloons. After a bit more walking there was whispers of a film shoot. Then there was talk of Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck and Matthew Broderick. Ben Stiller was in a different area and a bit farther away. The time I got the camera out he had disappeared.

Nope it is not Thanksgiving but it sure did feel like it. The things are gigantic!

My mom got a whole bunch more photos that were much better than these but alas she is a bit slower on downloading and email them off so this is what I have to share. We were no farther than 3 feet away. It was crazy and amazing and then it was done and I moved on with the day. Super cool experience though!

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