Friday, December 3, 2010

Favorite websites: my inspirations

Since for most of the wedding planning I was in New York I relied heavily on the Internet to do research and find vendors. Obviously I have used this marvelous tool at other times in my life but the wedding was the pivotal point of really stretching its capabilities for me. Now with Christmas crafts and cooking I am really getting into it.

I look to see what is out there and all of the pretty things I could have. That sounds pretty materialistic but I am into creating a "home" right now. Homes need to be cozy and things makes homes cozy to a certain extent, as long as you don't go hoarder style.

Anyway, randomly I will be sharing some of my favorite websites. The first up is... Shop Terrain
They have house goods and decorations.

They have all sorts of kitchen towels, bowls and even food products. I adore the egg beater towels.

Everything is pretty simple but elegant. I would love to have these things - maybe I should have added them to my Christmas wish list. Just looking at them makes me feel all warm inside. They update the site frequently with new products and most things they sell are from independent crafters, producers, etc. I love it!

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