Monday, December 13, 2010

Dazed and Confused

Today I woke up to 40 degree temperatures with a possibility of it raising to 50. Crazy. Yesterday it was windy and very very rainy. It was an awful day but packed full of cleaning and organizing. I wrapped lots of gives, finished Christmas cards, and tried to relax some. That didn't happen till almost 5pm and before I knew it it was dinner time.

Its beginning to feel a bit like Christmas though. No tree yet...I don't think it will happen at this point. Next year I guess. We did do some Christmas shopping on Saturday morning. I am almost done.

I wrote lots of Christmas cards and boxed up the one package I need to send off. For some reason this one act made me feel very grown up. Now the only thing left to take care of is a trip to the post office. Not really looking forward to that as last week I went to buy Christmas stamps at lunch only to wait in line for 25 minutes. Yes, 25 minutes for two books of stamps - no fun there!

I did get a Christmas candle so the apartment smells a bit like pine trees.

Now I just need to do some baking. Merry Christmas!

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