Friday, December 17, 2010

The Good and the Bad

This week has been a bit hairy thus far. Jordan is gone and its really weird to be in the apartment without him. This fall I was gone about 80% of the time. I always felt a bit guilty leaving him so much but now I feel 100 times worst. I think he is more OK with it though since it is his "Man time". He can play video games and not clean up and now one is there to get mad.

I started rowing at the gym this week. I did this a lot in the past. In college I took a few classes for a PE credit. I always enjoyed the motion and rhythm. I also think it is a good full body workout. It was sad the first day when it was a struggle to do 10 minutes. I am now up to 15 easy but I am finding this...

My hands are getting sore and as a result calluses. I am not a person to wear gloves. I don't want calluses but my hands need to get a bit tougher so I can go longer.

I also got new running shoes!

I needed these really really badly. My old ones have no cushion and were really starting to affect my running.

I also found out this week I needed 4 new tires immediately. What a downer this is? Its Christmas; I have way better things to spend my money on than rubber. I really hate driving to begin with and if I didn't absolutely have to own a care I wouldn't. Now I have to money a boat load of money in to it and I am not happy.

It seems I have posted more bad than good. I am super happy with the progress I have made in the apartment cleaning and finishing up the Christmas wrapping. I have lots of yummy recipes to share with you. Good things to come...

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