Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas party

Its starting to feel a bit like Christmas. This weekend was my first Christmas party ever I think. Obviously I had the mandated homeroom high school parties but who really enjoyed those? In high school my friends and I had traditions for just about everything but apparently not Christmas.

So...Saturday night, after our big day of Christmas shopping, Jordan and I headed to my friends Kari's house for a potluck and secret Santa swap among other activities.

Now forgive me non-photo blog. I was the wierdo blogger who forgot the camera in the car. The time I realized it was in the car I was supper comfy in the warm house and had no desire to get bundled up for the camera. Thus, you can see visuals here and here. Thank goodness for blogger friends!

I made veggie lasagna for my veggie dish. The meat dish woman had the same idea as she brought a great big meaty lasagna. Both were amazingly delish and warm, perfect for a cold December night. We had great appetizers and deserts. At the point you must go look at the pictures of the cupcakes. They were so adorable; too bad no one at the party could claim their beauty.

After so fierce gift swapping going on, I ended up with some lottery tickets. I scored $2!
Yea! I am obsessed with lottery tickets in a way that I will never use my own money to buy them but fantasizing winning all of the time. Is that weird? And Jordan was super happy about his 4 bottle beer selection. He cannot wait to pop them open for a sampling.

I hope everyone else had a good time. I would be glad to make this a new tradition.

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