Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hoover Dam {Las Vegas}

OK promise this is the last Las Vegas post.  I couldn't not show the pictures of the Hoover Dam. That would be not American somehow.  For me this was an epic spot. A place everyone should visit.

Las Vegas is about 45 minutes away so this is a perfect day trip.  We got up early and headed off to be one of the first tour groups. There are two tours offered.

One to see the Power Plant were they generate all of the electricity.  Now for those who don't know I work with facilities departments and probably know more than the average person about electricity.  These generators blew me away.

We planned to take the longer tour and go deeper into the dam but the dam elevator was broken. Haha! We heard more than one joke like that on our visit. 

Like all of the sights in the area the views just took my breath away.  So different than anything I have ever seen.

Silly us, going into the desert and both forgetting our sunglasses.  Mr. J had a hat but still couldn't manage a picture without squinting.

The width of the dam was a bit disappointing. It wasn't nearly as wide as I thought but the height was darn high.  It made my head spin a few times and I grabbed my camera extra tight. 

Right in the middle of the dam is the state borders of Arizona and Nevada. Mr. J has been to Arizona before but I haven't. 

We took obligatory photos with one leg on each side.

And with that I hope you had a good weekend!


  1. I loved doing the Hoover Dam trip.... it's awesome. :)

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