Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Brunch @ Border Grill in Las Vegas

Is it seriously Tuesday night already? The last few days have been super busy. Busy. But FUN.  Las Vegas is another world. Seriously!

I have bunches to tell you about but first we will start with brunch. Mother's Day brunch. Now Vegas is known for its ginormous buffets but we managed to pick a brunch that was not a buffet. No worries though it was still all you can eat. 

The Border Grill is owned by The Food Network's former TV stars Mary Sue and Susan.  Do you remember Two Hot Tamales? I don't but apparently it was a show that taught home-style Mexican cooking.

The brunch every Sunday at The Border Grill in Las Vegas is an unlimited small plate menu. You pay the set price and get as many small plates from their brunch menu.  This also comes with fresh fruit and cinnamon guava empanadas. 

So this brunch menu has about 30 some options to pick from. All of which sound amazing. Half of which we just had to try.  And if you guessed from the name - it has a Southwestern/Mexican flare.

Breakfast fries which Mr. J and I thought would be the perfect hangover food for Vegas wild ones. Fries topped with shredded short ribs and an egg cooked to order. 

Eggs Benedict.

Sweet potato pancakes with walnuts and maple syrup. This was my favorite. To die for good. My strategy was one savory plate, one sweet plate for every order.

Shrimp and cheesy grits

Sweet corn tamales.  So sweet. So melt in your mouth.

Steak and eggs was another favorite. The steak had the most marvelous rub with tons of flavors.

Churro tots

Banana bread pudding with coconut sauce.

Now if you couldn't tell by the photos, the plates although smaller than a normal full size portion were still plenty big. Lots of food here. Our waitress also brought out some additional specials to sample.  There was no rushing us to finish. No crazy looks when we ordered more. In fact I think the waitress was a bit disappointed when we had to call it quits. 

Oh and did I mention for a bit more they have unlimited mimosas.  I got pomegranate.  There were several other flavors to pick from and once again we got three test version.   One of them was watermelon. It was the most refreshing, sweet and scrumptious.  Just like the food, another drink was in front of us before we finished the first. 

We stumbled out of there with full bellies. It was one of our favorite Vegas experiences, as well as some of the best food and service ever.


  1. So jealous. Two Hot Tamales was one of the first Food Network shows, and they got me hooked on Mexican cooking. I wish they would open a restaurant in NY.

  2. omg churro tots??! That place looks awesome

  3. What a fantastic restaurant to eat at... I remember the Two Hot Tamales very well. Looks like a meal to remember. :)


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