Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Merry Table in Portland, Maine

The other weekend when we were in Maine Mr. J and I were able to stop in for lunch with my parents before we headed back to Connecticut.

They have been very busy going out and about exploring Portland's many restaurants. Lately whenever we visit they have a long list of places to check out.  Since we were in somewhat of a hurry and not very hungry we picked The Merry Table Creperie.

The menu is not too extensive but they have quite a list of sweet and savory crepes to pick.  The day was a bit chilly and the French Onion soup sounded so warm. The whole table ended up with a bowl. It was so delicious. Rich. Cheesy. Just how I like it.

I also got a banana and Nutella crepe. You just cannot beat that combination.  The warm Nutella oozed out.  I quickly ate it up and licked my fingers and smacked my lips.

Mr. J, much to my disbelief passed on the Nutella and went for the citron. He liked it.  Citrus isn't really my thing. I would have preferred another Nutella crepe to share. 

My parents both got savor crepes that were packed full of ham and cheese. 

The best part was our waitress/owner spoke with the cutest French accent. I swear I could listen to French people all day long.  Love it!

The place is tucked away in the Old Port section, in a cute little space decorated very French. It was a cozy and relaxing place to enjoy good food and company with no pressure to rush through the experience. 

The Merry Table Creperie
43 Wharf St. Portland, ME 04101
(207) 899-4494


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