Saturday, May 18, 2013

Red Rocks Canyon Conservation Area {Las Vegas}

Hello world!  Sorry for my absence.  I tried to post a few times last week but the internet was so slow or didn't work at all on the plane (Thanks Delta).  Once we got back to the East coast I realized how exhausted I was and pretty much gave up.  I am back now and plan to do a few catch up posts on our remaining Las Vegas adventures.

Did you know you could find this about twenty minutes off of the strip?  The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a 13 mile loop with lots of trails to hike and rocks to climb.

Mr. J and I got up early one morning to go explore. The high temperatures for the day were suppose to top off at about 107 degrees.  I knew if we didn't get it in first thing there was no way we were going to make it.

We did one trail for a mile in and a mile back. It wasn't suppose to be a loop but we ended up getting lost on the way in and then took the trail on the way out.  Unlike trails on the East coast that are typically wooded. The dessert you can see for quite a ways.  Still very disorienting but we managed to spot the trail we were suppose to be on from our non-trail.  

Rule 1: Don't follow people and assume they know where they are going.

And no need to worry mom, we could see the road (with cars on it) the whole time.

I find desert plants and foliage so interesting. It took a good amount of time before we saw a good cactus though. I was super excited.

Whenever we go to an area like this I insist on stopping at the Visitor's Center.  The Red Rocks Canyon had a really nice one with lots of exhibits. I was shocked that they could be all outside but I guess it is a desert after all. One of the main attractions is the tortoise exhibit.  Below is Mojave Max. He is the oldest male. Crazy how much he blends in.

I would definitely recommend stopping here if you are in the area.  You can also see wall drawings from way back when and wild donkeys. Very cool.

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