Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nothing says summer like Strawberry Shortcake

You just cannot take a pretty picture than these brilliant strawberries. They are gorgeous. And they were quite tasty. After a quick trip to the grocery store for some essentials, I noticed these strawberries. We had some with the champagne as there is not much better of a combo than strawberries and champagne. But then what...I could eat strawberries all day long. Just plain ole strawberries and be perfectly happy.

Jordan on the other hand loves strawberry shortcake. And he certainly loves whipped cream, homemade or from a can it doesn't matter. He just wants the stuff. I don't like whipped cream unless it is homemade. However, I find homemade whipped cream annoying to make. You always have more than you need and it goes to waste because you just cannot keep the stuff and maintain the same consistency. Runny whipped cream is gross! There is no denying it.
Because it was such a long weekend, because it was so hot, and because Jordan worked so hard moving all of the heavy boxes and furniture, I thought it would be nice to get him something special. We found some Cabot whipped cream - at least it was all natural, in can form so it is Jordan friendly.
As you can see he completely covered the shortcake and strawberries, almost to the point where it looks like there is only whipped cream.

I had a more sensible serving with plain yogurt and some maple syrup. We each thoroughly enjoyed our treat.
My recipe for this one is somewhat lame. What can I say, I just moved. It is quick, cool, and delish!
Strawberry Shortcake
Store bought shortcake biscuits - I got mine homemade from a farm stand.
1 lb Strawberries
1 can whipped cream or yogurt
1. Clean and cut strawberries into bite size pieces.
2. Cut biscuit into 1/2 and put in bottom of bowl.
3. Top with strawberries.
4. Add whipped cream or yogurt.
5. Add additional strawberries if desired.

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