Thursday, July 14, 2011

Midweek Date Night

My run didn't go quite as well as I would have liked. I walked for a 5 minute warm up.  Things were going great.  Then I started to run, for the first 2 minutes everything felt fine.  About minute 4 of my nice little run, I realized my foot was throbbing.  At 5 minutes I called it quits.  It is a bit frustrating but I know things are getting better.  I am going to give it a few more days and try again on Saturday. 

My night improved quickly as it was date night.  We had a coupon for $30 at Mangos, a local restaurant in Branford.  Lots and lots of my co-workers had raved about the food and drinks.  We wanted to try in but just never got around to it.  With our little certificate in hand, there was no reason not to go.

Wanting to try a bit of everything we opted for beef sliders as an appetizer after finding out the conch fritters were out.  They were cute and delicious.  The sourdough rolls really made the burgers.  It came with some sweet potato fries which were short and thick, very crispy.  I loved them.  Next time this will be a front runner for my meal.

The menu consisted of burgers, sandwiches, paninis, pasta, seafood, and meat.  The selection was huge; I think we spent about 15 minutes going through the menu and deciding on our meals.  Mr. J ended up with the Cuban panini.  It had pork, ham, salami, Swiss cheese, pickles, pineapple, and spicy mustard.  It was quite the sandwich.  Mr. J loved it.  I thought the sweetness of the pineapple and the saltiness of the pickle was worked well together in a very strange way. 

I got the pulled pork sandwich.  The time this came out I was pretty much full from the sliders.  I had a few bites and it was great.  They have a homemade Mango's BBQ sauce and it was great.  The sauce is a lot sweeter than most of the BBQ sauces I like but there was a tang in the after bite.  I cannot wait to have the leftovers for lunch.

The restaurant itself was very nice.  The staff was very accommodating and friendly.  It was comfortable and causal.  I couldn't have ask for more.  A relaxing midweek night out to eat and then Big Brother.  Good times!

988 Main Street
Branford CT, 06405
Tel: (203) 483-7700


  1. Aww I'm sorry your run didn't go as planned, that's too bad about your ankle foot. This looks delicious though, I'm sure that made up for it! :)

  2. A $30 coupon? Awesome! I love sweet potato fries too... Looks fun, and yummy.

  3. Looks like a great date night! Hope your foot continues to get better. Injuries suck!!

  4. I'm glad you had a nice dinner, but I'm SO sorry to hear your foot is still hurting. Please make sure you give yourself time to heal....


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