Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's 5: 4th of July Dishes

What I think makes a 4th of July weekend perfect, my 5 favorites foodie treats:

1. Lobster dinner

2. Fabulous cocktail

3. Juicy burgers

4. Cold Salads

5. Fresh berries

I actually want to add cookies, ice cream, and French fries to this list but I am trying to stick to the 5 rule.  Did I mention cookies?

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  1. Those dishes look fantastic!! Hope you have a fabulous 4th of July weekend! Feel free to stop by and check out the giveaway going on over at my blog :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend and yummy! I understand the cookies and ice-cream wishes. A little bit every once in a while....that's what I keep telling myself!

  3. love this, especially that festive drink!

  4. I would substitute cookies for the cold salads :) Have a great 4th of July weekend!

  5. aw man those berries look AMAZING! I love this list - thanks for linking up!

  6. I agree with all items on this list! :)


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