Monday, July 25, 2011

A Little Spice and Everything Nice

Call me a sexiest but grilling is a man's job.  I like to go watch.  And I can come up with nice meal ideas, but growing up my dad manned the grill.  Since being on my own I have never owned a grill.  Now I have one, lucky for me I have a husband too.  His grilling knowledge though is somewhat basic.  As a married couple, we certainly like to stretch our culinary knowledge and capabilities. We have moved on from the basic steak and burgers which is Mr. J's grilling expertise.

We have a learning curve to overcome.

There is is my story.  The other day when our grill arrived around the same time as all our fresh vegetables, we had all sorts of ides about how we could try out the grill.  Of course, the corn on the cob was going to be grilled.  But how do you go about grilling corn?  Husk or no husk, that is the question.

After a very quick google search, as in we were already preparing dinner when the took place, we decided no husk in foil would be the best option for a first time go.  We added a bit of chopped garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, and chipolte pepper.  The pepper gave it an extra smoky flavor.  I was in heaven.

Then, there was the relish. Mr. J is somewhat of a hot dog fanatic.  He likes his hot dogs.  And he especially likes his toppings.  His goal this fall in Chicago: sample as many Chicago style hot dogs as possible.

1/4 C Bread and Butter pickles, chopped
1/4 C red onion, chopped
5 cherry tomatoes, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped
3 Tbsp pickled Jalopenos, chopped

Mix all together.

Mr. J has come up with some pretty crazy concotions in the past. Some are delicious, others not so much. This relish however is great.  Not too salty.  The bread and butter pickles are sweet but pair nicely with the sharpness of the jalopenos. 

On a completely different note, look what popped up this weekend.  They are finally turning red!

After a few mishaps with a very mean deer, and lots of trips in and outdoors for protection, our tomato plant is finally going great.  We now have four tomatoes turning red and about eight others.  I am so happy!

What is your favorite thing to grill?

Do you like hot dogs?

Hope you have a great week!


  1. I love love love hot dogs. Obsessed really. I will have to try this relish. Yum!

    Unfortunately we still live in an apartment and don't have a grill. One day. But our grill pan is the most used item in our kitchen!

  2. Hot dogs are not high on my list. I love a good grilled hot dog a couple times a year, but that is about it. Hubby won't touch them though :( Love to grill Brats though (we are from WI). And grilled corn? YUM!

  3. This relish looks fantastic!! We grill out so much in the summer and this would be the perfect addition :)

  4. We have a strict division of labor - I do winter cooking in the house, hubs does summer cooking on the grill. (Although I do lots of the seasoning and prep...)

  5. Hey Emily!

    I love, Love, LOVE to grill and I am the griller in the family. I adore my husband, but he feels using the grill means you have to cook everything until it resembles shoe leather!

    I took the spatula and tongs away from him years ago! I also love hotdogs and my favorite thing to grill is vegetables and - oddly enough - pork loin!

    I'm thrilled you're enjoying your grill and the tomatoes are beautiful!


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