Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Edition: Clamming FAIL

I learned that these work a lot better than

this.  Yes, that is electrical tape.  We used medical tape the first time and walking the 10 feet to the bathroom once was enough to show that wasn't going to hold.  Unfortunately the electrical tape didn't fair too well either. 

I ended up using a regular band aid which does quite cover the whole cut but works well enough. Plus it was the only thing that fits under my toes.  I can walk fairly well with the tennis shoes in short spurts.  I am most bummed about my injury because yesterday I had a great run.  Last week I signed up for the Sea Legs Shuffle.

The brochure says 10 miles but I am doing the 5K.  I signed up pretty much to get a cool shirt with that lobster on it.  It was 3 miles so it cannot be that bad right?  Well, I haven't really run that much lately.  I was doing 5 miles twice a week just to prove I was still capable.  Then I took about a 2 week break.  What can I say?  It has gotten quite hot.  Yesterday was the first day back.  I did 3 miles and it felt great.  Now running is not going to be happening in the near future.  I just hope my foot heals up soon enough so I can practice a bit more before August 7th.

Being injured does have it's advantages.

I made the waffles but Mr. J came up with lunch, leftover potato and white beans made into hash and topped with eggs.

Dinner was a hamburger and kale chips.

He has also been doing some mad cleaning.  I don't know where this man came from but I hope he sticks around even after I stop hobbling around.  


  1. oooh I need to sign up for that race!!

    Too bad about you're foot! That stinks!!!!

  2. I can't imagine how painful and annoying it is to have a cut on the bottom of your foot. Ouch. Love that the hubby is taking care of you. Looks like you will not be starving while you are recovering.

  3. I'm SO sorry about your foot! Take care of yourself and heal the mean time, I'm enjoying your cooking and posts!

  4. So sorry about your foot, ouch! Your breakfast looks delicious though! :)

  5. So sorry to hear about your foot! Nice to have an excuse to relax, but wish it was under different circumstances!


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