Saturday, July 9, 2011

Out of Commission

Today was suppose to be so much fun.  Mr. J and I were going to venture out clamming again.  We had beautiful weather.  After lunch we hit up two beaches without much luck.  We found one clam that was big enough to keep.  We decided to go to one last area. 

Bad idea.  

This portion of the coast was really rocky.  We were being careful but not careful enough.  Not more than two minutes after arriving I stepped on a rock and it really hurt.  At this point we had already decided to call it a day.  It was way too difficult to move around all of the rocks. 

Well once out of the water I was cleaning off the sand from my feet and noticed I had blood all over the bottom of my left foot.  Thanks to our little adventure I came home with one clam and an inch long cut on the bottom of my foot. 

In case you were wondering cuts on the bottom of your feet are not fun.  I think I need some ice cream.


  1. Hey there! i found your blog through foodbuzz and saw we have the same style to our blogs :) looking forward to reading more , and i hope you'lll check out mine too at

  2. You definitely need some ice cream, girl! Take it easy this weekend and hopefully your poor foot will be feeling much better SOON.

  3. Gah!!! I hope your foot heals fast!! :( Take it easy the rest of the weekend!!

  4. aw :( is that electric tape btw? lol Jon and I have been talking about clamming forEVER!

  5. OMG that is awful. Okay so I am going to share a story that might make you feel better. A week before our wedding I was getting the house ready for a birthday party for my son. Had about 50 people coming. I wanted to air out the house so I tried to open the big window to no avail. So stupid me stands on the sill and push till it opens. The blind falls off,hits me in the head and I try to grab it losing my hold on the window.Yup, my foot was there. Almost lost my toe. My son had to call my Dad who came and carried me off to his car. A week later I got married in bare feet and went to Hawaii on our honeymoon with tons of stitches. Then had to wear 2 different size flippers to go scuba diving.Yah, nice eh! I feel so bad for you. It is no fun at all.


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