Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pizza Truck New Haven Style

I am not sure where the week went but Saturday is finally here and I somehow made it to Maine.  My brother, who lives overseas is in town and we wanted to visit.

Today we are off to the beach.  It is finally HOT in Maine and the beach is where you want to be.  

To keep you entertained while I am soaking up the sun, here are a few pictures of one of the evening activities from last week.  Instead of the normally company picnic in the summer, this year the hired a catering pizza truck.

For some reason the pizza man would not toss the dough in the air for me but he made up for it with some fantastic looking pizza.  

I mistakenly was first in line and the pizza options were the classic pepperoni, meatball, and cheese.  As the night wore on there were more exotic toppings.  This included the ever popular mashed potato and bacon.  I am not a fan but everyone else raced over to the table. 

They must have put out over 40 pizzas that night and it was a hot one.  I ate 5 slices give or take a few bites because each time a new kind of pizza came out I couldn't resist trying it.  

My first plate had a heaping pile of salad greens so I figure it was healthy.  Plus we did volunteer work all afternoon.  I painted and sanded in the hot sun. I needed some nourishment. 

The best part was the dessert.  Little cups of gelato.  Lots of flavors.  Again, how to pick which one?  Luckily I had a friend who agreed to eat some with me.  We picked pistachio, coconut, and expresso marscapone.  Good flavors right?  The coconut was by far the best choice.


  1. Mashed potato and bacon pizza?! I can not even imagine. Sounds like an excellent way to go for a company party.

  2. I could live on pizza if my good sense didn't tell me that was a bad idea.

    I really need to try pizza on the grill sometime.

  3. Enjoyed your post and love your blog, well done.

  4. This looks so good! What a fun idea! Hope you have a great time in Maine!

  5. Such a cool thing to do. We have nothing like that here. The joys of living in boonieland. Loved reading this and seeing the pics. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow that pizza looks amazing...must be that brick oven!

  7. Everything looked delicious! I love that it was a different kind of catering....

  8. It super...........nice ..............good to eat.............
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  9. With the hundreds of food trucks in LA, I've never seen one like this! Very cool!


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