Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday's Favorites: MAIL

Mail this week has been amazing. We all know about my little joy of the mail. Most days I am excited to see what has come, even if it is just junk.  I get satisfaction sorting through it.  This week though was simply H.E.A.V.E.N.  Each day has come with a little surprise to really brighten my mood. 

Monday - Yes, no mail came up today but since we were gone Friday before the mail was delivered we had a two day pile up waiting for us. The fun item in today's pile:  Netflix sent us The Dilemma. 

Tuesday -  Last week before taking off for the weekend I ordered two dresses online from Five Bamboo.  I love wearing dresses in the summer.  They are super quick to put on in the morning and they are a step up from shorts or jeans.  I always have trouble find ones I like though.  I am have a big chest and only certain styles work. Kath mentioned Five Bamboo on her site a while ago and then offered a 15% discount. The dresses are reasonably priced to begin with but 15% they were a steal. I love discounts.  Plus, it's free shipping if you spend over $100. 

I ordered on Friday morning and it was at my house on Tuesday.  Super speedy!  The customer service was fantastic when the website was acting up and they sent a cute freebie bracelet with the order.  Basically, I loved the dresses on their own but all the extra incentives made this a great deal, purchase, experience, mail find.

Wednesday - Free coupon for BareNaked product.  Yep, that was a treat. 

And, the FedEx man dropped by with a very special envelope containing our Food and Wine Festival tickets for October.  This is our third year in a row attending the Grand Tasting and lets just say its one massive feast. 

Thursday - I got a book order.  I am in the traveling mood, and wanted to get some more information about some upcoming trips.  I love researching all of the possible activities and food adventures before a vacation.

Then, there was another package.  Vermont Peanut Butter trio.  Let's just say that these are a bit more like dessert than the typical sandwich spread.  Chucks of chocolate, dried fruit, and seeds are complements to these delicious peanut butter.

Friday - So we don't get mailed delivered till after lunch so I don't know what surprise will be waiting for me.  Even if nothing special arrives I think this week has been pretty sweet. 

Another great thing about the mail this week is what didn't come. No bills!

Happy Friday!
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  1. Getting things in the mail is always fun unless the bees or wasps are trying to build again in our mailbox.

  2. Sounds like you definitely have a reason to appreciate the mailbox. Ours has its good days and bad days. Seems like they organize the mail that way.

  3. I love getting mail :) Your dresses are gorgeous and that peanut butter looks delicious!

  4. Ooh! I want to go get your mail! lol

  5. Fun mail is always great. Over the past few years with electronic everything my mail has reduced to a trickle.. I almost miss junk mail..... ALMOST

  6. I don't know why but I always look forward to the mail also. I think its cause I live out in the middle of no where on a farm and seeing the mailman drive keeps me in touch with the outside

  7. Aw man I want that mail! I got...bills...trash...bills...trash...statement...bills...

  8. The food and wine fest in Ottawa tickets only go on sale like...a month before! They sell out sooo quickly though!

  9. I love good mail days! How cool to have a good mail WEEK!

  10. Ok, I need that peanut butter in my life! That is some amazing mail:-)


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