Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yukon Gold White Bean Basil Burgers

The plan last night was to have a meatless meal.  It is the same meatless meal I planned for last week before I realized that all of my potatoes were beyond rotten. 

I was mad that the plan for dinner was ruined.  I was mad that I wasted food.  This week, tonight,  was my redemption day. 

I think they sound delicious.  After much assurance from me that the burgers would taste good last week to Mr. J, I still think he did a little secret dance when the potatoes went bad.   He later saw a copy of the recipe and said he thought they sounded good.

Comments like these make me so mad – clearly I like to plan gross sounding meals right?  Anyway, I think this remark was to make me feel a bit better after being a failure for dinner.

Fast forward to this week, Mr. J and I are eating lunch.

Mr. J: What’s for dinner tonight?

Me: The white bean burgers from last week.

Mr. J: Oh?  (Crestfallen look on his face)

Me: Yes, they will be good.

Mr. J: So will they taste like meat?

Me: I don’t think so, it would be pretty hard to make white beans and potatoes taste like  ground beef.

Mr. J: You better really season those suckers up though. (He said this laughing so at least he was in good spirits.)

Disclaimer: This is my interpretation of the conversation and I am 100% sure of it word for word accuracy, although I am sure I will be informed shortly of misquoting. )

The results: They were good.  Mr. J decided after adding a fried egg on his that this would be the perfect side dish for breakfast, a mini potato pancake if you will. 

Head over to Peas and Thank You for the recipe.


  1. That looks incredibly good! I love that you have a half of avocado on the plate...that makes the meal for me :-)

  2. I literally almost made this Tuesday night. They sound soo good, as do all her recipes, but I was too lazy to boil potatoes so I went with a black bean burger instead. Still on my list to make though.

  3. This sounds so good! And those patties look huge!! YUM

  4. They look and sound delicious to me! I'm sorry about the potatoes...nothing smells worse and nothing feels worse than when you've got a plan and it falls thru...

  5. This sounds really good! I like the egg on top idea! :))

  6. That does sound good! Boys- the things we need to do to convince them to give things a try. LOL

  7. Looks yummy. I've done bean burgers before, but I haven't thought to mix in potatoes....great idea.

  8. Looks so good! I love a good vegetarian burger. Eggplant burgers were our most recent experiment.

    If you're curious, here's the link to my blog:


  9. Well, I agree with you, they sound and look wonderful! This is a great meatless option. Thanks for sharing!


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