Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Homeland and WIAW

Do you watch Homeland? I just got into it last weekend when we had free Showtime all week. Unfortunately we didn't know this until Sunday afternoon. Mr. J immediately started streaming the shows. We got through five episodes of the first season. Now we just have to figure out how we can continue watching them without paying the super high Comcast costs for Showtime.


Breakfast this week has been great. I bought a ton of strawberries for Easter and we are busy enjoying them. I had plain yogurt, strawberries, some granola, and roasted coconut chips. It was dessert at 8am.

My snack for the day was an apple and one of the carrot cake cupcakes. There is only one left. I plan on hiding it in the back of the fridge so Mr. J cannot find it.

Lunch was leftovers.  A bit of the a slow cooker meal I will be posting soon and some of the fried quinoa from last week. I love having leftovers for lunch. A warm meal that takes about five minutes to put together.

Dinner was leftovers too. We have so much ham leftover from Easter. I am not really sure what we are going to do with it. Eight pounds is too much ham. These sandwiches were pretty good with avocado, cheese, and spinach. 

What would you do with extra ham?


  1. That breakfast looks delicious, I love loading down yogurt in the morning :)

    We took home a lot of extra ham too, it's great diced up really small and added to omelets or quiche (at least that's how I've been eating it up!)

  2. Leftover ham is great cooked into soups and chili. It's also good over salad. I love your breakfast bowl, by the way—so pretty!

  3. Yum! I'm really loving yogurt in the mornings for breakfast, I topped mine this morning with some homemade granola and added some coconut and dark chocolate chips! =)

  4. I have to write down what I eat in a day... my list maybe a little crazy. :)


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