Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What I Am Reading Right Now


hi folks.

it has been a while. let's just say life has been busy. instead of freaking out and stressing about posting i just took a break. even tonight i debated about this post. 

i am in a hotel room in Boston and got lonely. i decided to share a book review as my connection point. 

maeve binchy recently passed away. it was a posting about her death that brought her many books to my attention. Echos is the first book i read and it will surely not be the last. 

this books is set on the coast of Ireland where two children grow up in opposite economic classes. 

one of those children with ambitions to leave Castlebay is Clare, Tom O'Brien's younger daughter. a favorite with the local schoolteacher, she wins a scholarship to University College, Dublin and seems all set for a path of academic glory.  

the other child dreaming of escape is David Power, the doctor's son, also bound for Dublin university, and probably a dazzling future as a specialist.
the paths of these two characters criss-cross in a quite unforeseen ways throughout their young adult lives, and eventually both roads will lead back to Castlebay. the end of their story of ambition, betrayal and love is played out in the seaside town where it began, against a backdrop of whispered family gossip and the tangled skein of past friendships.

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  1. So sad to hear the author recently passed away. Her book looks like a great read


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